finpecia 1mg price in india La Capoterie specializes in a wide variety of condoms. Indeed, it is very important to find the perfect condom for yourself. It must promote comfort, protection against pregnancy and STDs. That’s why there are so many different companies that specialize in the production of condoms.

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mestinon uk Some will be larger than others. Some will be made in the form of cones, with or without a tip, lubricated, made of latex or latex free (polyisoprene, synthetic resin), ribbed, beaded, flavours for oral sex, bare sensations, ribbed and beaded, thicker, more lubricated, etc. You can also find latex condoms, but vegan (so no milk protein in them). The boxes that are offered have either 3, 10, 12, 24, or 36 condoms. Thus, you have the opportunity to try them in small quantities, or buy your favourites in bulk for a busy weekend!

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mucopain gel cost Here you’ll find companies like Kimono, Okamoto, Sir Richard’s, Lifestyles, Trojan, Playboy, Durex, Trustex, Skyn, as well as products such as female condoms and dental dams. For the differences between each box, you can read the descriptions associated with each product, or contact one of our branches for more information, it will be a pleasure to answer your questions.

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