This category is for you gentlemen. If you need a bit of change in your masturbation sessions, get yourself a masturbator.

These toys are made of different materials and have different openings. For those who prefer realistic textures, you will find toys with the likeness of a vagina, anus, a mouth or even a hand. If you close your eyes, the sensations will be like the real thing. These toys are usually ultra textured for maximum pleasure. Do not hesitate to use them with your partner for an unparalleled complicity.

You can also use penis pumps for masturbation. This will create a suction similar to a fellatio. Otherwise, the pump can be used to help the man to have an erection. Suction will bring blood flow into the penis and make it become firmer. Once the erection is desired, use a cock ring to maintain the erection.

Cock rings are products well known to men. These rings serve to maintain an erection and to slightly delay ejaculation. You can wear them during masturbation, fellatio and penetration. You have the choice to have them with vibration or vibration free. They will add more stimulation. You can place the motor on the testicles for an explosive orgasm.

Speaking of orgasm, stimulation of the prostate provides a sensational enjoyment. To go smoothly, you can start the stimulation by gently pressing the perineum with a toy. We recognize them thanks to their rounded end fitting to be precise. Anal balls are also well-liked for stimulation of the prostate, withdrawing one after the other at the time of orgasm, and this will increase the quality of orgasm.

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Showing 1–16 of 54 results