Massage cream

The preliminaries usually begin with the caresses of the body. We want to relax our loved one and make them enjoy the well-being to the fingertips. To do this, the oils are a nice addition. In this category, we will show you the variety of products available to you.

There are different kinds of massage oils. Traditional oils are made of natural oil and vitamin E, which makes them silky and comfortable. They will offer you a slide without residue while being fluid. In the same class you will find all-in-one lubricants, a massage oil and a skin hydrant. The base of this oil is silicone. You can use this product the way you want. The silicone will offer a long lasting massage and will not stick. Plus, you can use it in the shower, whether for massage or masturbation there is no problem. After applying this oil, you will see your skin become softer and more luminous.

To vary the pleasures, you can also use the massage candles. They are unctuous, creamy and comfortable. This candle will give ambiance to your room and the wax will melt to become a slightly warm oil. To change the routine, cover the eyes of your partner, turn off the candle and let the oil run on the erogenous zones. It will not burn. The sensations will be different and the pleasure will be at its height.

For those who do not like the sensation of oil, we also have massage creams and massage powders. Beautiful products to discover, the powder offers a dry massage. It glides easily on the body without sticking. You can use it before sexual intercourse, this will absorb moisture from the body.

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Showing all 5 results