Sensitive Dragon



Shunga’s Sensitive Dragon Cream is an orgasmic product for the couple. This cream is a blend of plants and natural extracts.

Use it as a lubricant and let the “ice-cream effect” provide you with sensations like never before! The effect of heat is mainly felt during the penetration and the effect of freshness will be felt when the man removes completely and delays ejaculation.

The difference between Dragon Sensible and the original Dragon is that it is formulated for women more sensitive and the effect of heat is less felt. Dragon Sensible Cream has been developed to bring out all the strength, energy and power of the male organ.

This wonderful product is compatible with latex and has a lubricating texture.

Apply it on the clitoris for a sexual relationship out of the ordinary! Let yourself be excited by the warmth and freshness of this perfect product for the couple! A must in the Shunga collection!


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