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Wicked ” AQUA ” products have powerful anti-oxidants that help with hydration, protecting and repairing the surface of the inner and outer skin. The natural extract of olive leaf found inside these lubricants has a biostatic effect, which means that it neutralizes the germs, protects the skin from viruses and bacteria such as fungi and other parasites (Attention! Wicked “AQUA” products do not kill bacteria, they simply prevent them from proliferating).

Thanks to its restorative properties, this ingredient is ideal to use on the most delicate skins and in the sensitive regions of the genitals. This ingredient gives a slight sweet taste to the lubricant.

* All Wicked lubricants are certified “VEGAN” and “PETA” which means they have not been tested on animals and no ingredients or derivatives are derived from animal substances.

* Paraben-free (Normally this ingrediant causes irratation for many women).

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