Kegel Balls

Kegel balls are often underestimated, even though they are one of the most practical toys for a woman’s body. Indeed, they have many virtues such as; helping a woman to lubricate when she is wearing them, strengthen the pelvic muscles, to have tighter walls and thus make exciting contractions during penetration, help with expulsion during childbirth, help with reformation of the muscle after delivery and they also help to lift the bladder for women who have reached menopause. They exist in test format with one or two balls, as well as in longer format, where there is the possibility of changing ball weights. Most women do not know, but they can develop very strong pelvic muscles simply by exercising with the kegel balls. This accessory has no age limit, it can be used by all those who desire. These are safe and comfortable toys, which are also very easy to care for. Kegel balls are made of several types of materials, such as satin surgical silicone, pyrex, stainless or even plastic. For more details, please contact one of our branches.

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