Soirée Sexy


A unique evening for unforgettable moments of intimacy.

Experience the mesmerizing experience of Sexy & Cie with a team that will be more than generous with you during our Soiré Sexy. Each evening will be filled with surprises for each of the participants and in addition, Sexy & Cie reserves very special gift for the organizer or the organizers of the evening.

No matter the occasion, any time is good to afford an evening where the pleasure is the guest of honor and where sensuality will awaken every tiny part of your imagination. Let Sexy & Cie. carry you for a brief moment in the wonderful world of eroticism during the Soirée Sexy.

Whether by the unique design of its shops, the quality of its products or the professionalism of its staff, Sexy & Cie has brought a touch of distinction in the world of erotic shops. Now you can shop in an environment where refinement and good taste accompany you throughout your shopping experience.

Now it’s up to you to decide when your every desire will come true.

How to book a soirée sexy in one of our boutiques.

Private demonstrations by Sexy & Cie allow you and your guests to be presented with an opportunity for intimacy with some of our most popular products or even with your special requests. Our advisors are happy to explain all our featured products and answer your questions during this exclusive evening for you and your group.

  • We request a reservation done at least 2 weeks before the desired date of the Sexy Soirée.
  • A minimum of 6 people ($ 10 per person)
  • Security deposit of $ 60.00 (for the first 6 people) at the latest 2 weeks before the event (search item: DEPOT / Deposit soirée sexy in store).
  • Discounts on products in the boutique during the evening.
Amount bought Percentage of discount
0.00$ to 150.00$ 10%
150.00$ to 200.00$ 15%
200.00$ or higher 20%

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